Run, Run, Run. I'm Trying to Catch My Breath. Wheeze. Pulling A Blade From A Deep Cut. This Dagger is Longer Than I Thought. Will I Bleed Everywhere If I Get It Out? I'm Getting Sleepy Now... I Just Want to Lie Down With My Mutant Puppy. Soft Fabric. Robes Soaked in Crimson Syrup. Hot Tears and Shutter Vision. ...

83 1

Thanks For the Memories!!! Soft Purple Skin and Tokyo Pink Plushie Razor Blades. Laying on the Chest's of Giants, Breathing Wildfire Smoke Until I Wheeze. I am so Empty. Something Different. ...

109 1

Post It Note Pt.2 . In Time, Chaos Will Surround Us All. You Will See the Power of the Spray Can. Let Your Words and Feelings and Thoughts Bleed onto the Wall so Everyone Can See. Take to the Walls as this Empire Bursts into Flames. ...

77 3

A Painted Face. It's Only a Mask 🙂 " You Don't Look At What I Do Anymore. " ...

110 8

Inktober Day 16 : WILD
Who Knows the Truth? In the Wildlands. Sighs in the Tall Grass. ( Iv'e Been Experimenting with a Mix of Acrylic and Ink )

85 3

Inktober Day 15 : LEGEND
Legends of Lust. Small Fragments of Enchantment. Hot Blood Rush to the Face, Shimmering Soft Lips. Your Skin Smells So Sweet.

84 3

Inktober Day 13 : ASH
Songs of the Ogre and the Ash Spirits

81 1

Inktober Day 12 : DRAGON
Duel the Sky Drgin
(Super Rough Paint Session)

93 15

Inktober Day 11 : SNOW
Stand in the Snow With No Shoes,
Blue Feet + Ears + Nose + Lips

77 3

Inktober Day 9 : SWING
Mood Swings Like a Pendulum. Artwork Made in a Frezied Rush so you Fuxk Up and get Thrown into Your Intemse and Overwhelming Emotional Waves. With a Bipolar Disorder I Almost Never Know How I'm Going to Feel in the Morning or Moment to Moment. Sometimes You are On the Top of the World Then Suddenly all the Life Drains From You. Sometimes for No Conscious Reason. These are Sometimes just Normal Emotions.. but more often than Not , They Crank to 11, the Belts Strap You in, and You Are Locked into a Rollercoaster Ride That You Can't Get Off Of. Usually a Terrifying Ride that has Lead to Self Destruction in the Past. I am Working on all of these Things, One Day at a Time. This is Why I make so Much Art.. People Confuse Me or Scare Me or Fill me With Love and Life and I don't want to Lose Anyone Else or Open up Anymore.. So I Lock Myself Away. Constantly Pushing Myself to Get Outside and Be apart of the World and make Trashy Art. These Emotions Exhaust me, Even the Good Ones. I Need to Surrender and Open my HeART to the World. Currently Though, I See that Medication, Therapy and Counseling Literally Saved my Life. Don't Be Afraid to Reach Out to Professional. Stay Strong but Soft. Rant over.

79 6

"Why are you so negative?" Know the Dark to see the Light. Fun day Home on the Beach with @big_ole_doynks and @balamphotography ...

153 13

Inktober Day 7 : ENCHANTED
A Destined Hero Finding Their Celestial Sword of Legend. Set in Stone, Deep In an Abandoned Temple. ( Trying to Experiment More With Different Styles This Month. Good Practice But This Is the First Time I've Tried This Kind of Lighting and Perspective) < Also Very Inspired by Legend Of Zelda, One of my Favorite Game Series >

96 15

Inktober Day 6 : HUSKY
Deserted Husky Riders. Ouro Flows. Beautiful Sunday.

94 14

Inktober Day 5 : BUILD
Young Ponzu. Princess of the Clouds. Builder of Palaces and Empires. You've Helped Me so Much, You Built Me Up. I Feel You in My Chest.

65 5


SAT. OCT. 12th , 2019

To be confirmed

SUN. SEPT. 22nd, 2019

Art Show and Meeting at @o.s.s.official x @shawtanaka .Yamanshi Prefecture, Otsuki City, Maki 42-2 , Japan.

Plus @beowulf_official Japan Anniversary Collaboration T-shirt Release.

FRI. SEPT. 20th, 2019
홍대타투 Sunrat Tattoo (썬렛타투) – SEOUL, S. KOREA
325-25, 2F Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu (5,954.28 mi) Seoul, Korea
Art Show and Meeting

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