" You know I'm the changer
The rearranger
I'm always a stranger
And a liar
Got a tongue on fire
I ought to cut it off
I ought to cut it off
And when I do, when I do
I'm gonna let you know
Gonna, gonna, gonna let you know. "


Inktober Day 11: DISEASE @inktober
Here we go again! 🤡

Inktober Day 8 : TEETH @inktober
Quickie. Caution it bites.

Inktober Day 5 : BLADE @inktober
Killing Boredom. Gamu Gamu Stab Stab. A bit unhappy with this 😥 but took me a while so I'm just gonna post her.

Inktober Day 4: PREY @inktober
Cults are my favorite 😁🙏❤️👁️ Watch til the end!

Day 3 of Inktober @inktober BULK
Champions 2Mack Town. Quick drawings this October because fook it.

Day 2 of Inktober @inktober
Whispy Love. I'm so happy we found eachother

Day 1 of Inktober: FISH @inktober Super Quick drawing.
Prancing Porgy Poke

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